It’s an Uber Magazine!

uber-magazineStarting this week in NYC, you can grab a copy of Uber’s new in-car magazine from the seat-back pockets. 

They’ve changed the way an entire generation looks at transportation. So it’s not a huge surprise that the folks at Uber are launching their own “in-flight” magazine.

“Starting this week in NYC, you can grab a copy of Uber’s new in-car magazine, called ‘Arriving Now,’ from the seat-back pockets,” notes Lucas Matney in Tech Crunch.

A blog post from Uber makes the announcement:

“In celebration of Fashion Week (which kicks off today in NYC), Arriving Now’s first edition is packed with pro tips, hotspots, and exclusive details about upcoming promotions. You may also recognize cover girl Olivia Palermo, one of NYC’s more influential fashionistas, who dishes on her favorite shops, trends, and love of New York inside Arriving Now.”

“As Uber’s range of services grow, having a captive audience in the backseat that the company already knows a decent amount about will likely give them quality information to target their new services and ads,” Matney notes.

And in terms of brand positioning, it’s a brilliant move.

“Uber is probably more interested here in testing out a content arm where they can push out cool stories that gives people a better ‘brand experience’ with the company,” he writes.

They join the growing list of lifestyle enablers that are doing just that: AirBnB with Pineapple; King Arthur Flour with Sift; even real estate companies in large markets are putting out their own print magazines.

As print magazines are increasingly seen as luxurious “me time” media, the brands that are tapping into this are positioning themselves beautifully for serious brand recognition and growth.