Print Magazine Ads Looking Sweet to More Brands

[responsive]Secrets_MagazineAd_Red[/responsive]In the first three quarters of this year, there were 8.9% more brands advertising in national consumer magazines than in that same period last year.

“Across 177 national consumer magazines, the number of brands advertising January-September, 2014 increased by 8.9% to 16,024 total brands year over year. Of these 16,024 advertisers, 7,799 were new brands that did not advertise in these titles January-September, 2013,” notes this brief post at Media Radar.

The increase was seen across all categories in these magazines, with home furnishings seeing the largest boost, the article notes.

“The apparel & accessories category was next, growing 11% to 1,706 total brands. Two exceptions to the advertiser growth were the non-alcoholic beverages and professional service categories.”

It makes sense that we are seeing this bump up, given consumer’s general dislike of digital advertising and their preference for print in a climate of overall economic growth. When we see digital companies like Yahoo! And Flipboard talking about the value of creating print magazines, we know the business case for print advertising remains solid and compelling.

As always, we’ll continue to monitor and report on these trends to help you make a bit more sense of this wild multi-channel marketing thing we all do.