Porter to recognize 100 Incredible Women

portermagazine-fbThe luxury retailer’s print title is again making news with a special feature on women who inspire, lead and empower others.

The fashion industry has long been about much more than looking good in the latest creations. For many brands, it’s about empowering and educating women, even steering the discussion on critical societal issues.

That tradition continues with Porter,  Net-A-Porter’s print magazine. Their winter issue will include a feature honoring 100 Incredible Women, notes Jen King in Luxury Daily.

“The listorial feature, which will be included in Porter’s Winter Escape issue as a supplement, is in partnership with beauty brand Elizabeth Arden,” King explains. “As brands that both cater to different aspects of a women’s lifestyle, partnering for an integrated editorial project will underscore the codes of Porter and Elizabeth Arden.”

“Championing women is at the heart of Porter and through this collaboration we are reinforcing the shared DNA of both brands – about women, by women and for women,” said Tess Macleod-Smith, VP with Net-A-Porter in London.

“While Porter is remaining tightlipped on the 100 women it has included until Nov. 30, 100 Incredible Women is said to include politicians, celebrities, CEOs, writers, performers, actresses, philanthropists, protesters, musicians and designers,” notes King.

The featured women will be honored at a dinner in NYC early next month, and the issue hits the stands two days later on December 4. What a great way to use their platform to focus attention on the achievements and contributions of inspirational and strong women.