On Snow and Clouds and Print Magazines

bookartWhat a great analogy from our good friend Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni. This is terrific:

“As the magazine and magazine media world navigate their way through the maze of problems and possible solutions to the print + digital dilemma that faces publishers today; I had a thought as I was jetting across the sky at 30,000 feet,” Husni writes. “What are the similarities of snow and the clouds that cultivate them?”

Husni waxes poetic in his post, nailing the reason why print will forever retain a place in the mix.

“Snow and clouds both contain water and are both made of the same substance; yet the clouds can’t be held or touched, while snow is tangible and able to create a sensory experience.

“Now, imagine that the clouds are digital and the snow is print…think about virtual and real. Clouds are beautiful and of course, we all love to admire them and enjoy their presence, but when they produce the snowflakes or raindrops that we can actually go outside and physically touch and appreciate; we’re captivated. There is a major difference. And we know that feeling will never fade away,” Husni asserts.

Husni backs up his prognostications with research and interviews of publishing heavyweights that echo our own feelings about print’s viability in the digital age. It’s real, it’s tangible, and print packs some heavy ROI.

“Snow and clouds; print and digital. Tangible and virtual; one is, one isn’t. It’s amazing what zooming across the sky will conjure up as one drifts off to sleep with a magazine in hand.”

Nice one, Samir. We wouldn’t mind sharing a flight with you, anytime.