New San Antonio Magazine Thriving … on Ad Revenue

Innovation — in fast motion — has been the buzzword for a lot of publishers the past year, as business models shifted to accommodate the realities of a global shutdown. Yet one new publication in San Antonio is finding success by embracing the tried-and-true advertising model.

April Monterrosa, founder of Live from the Southside Magazine, says her new title is “profitable, and surprisingly so,” according to Waylon Cunningham writing in San Antonio Report.

If any publications were going to nail it with an advertising model, I would have predicted it would be a local publication. Local news has become incredibly important, as communities grapple with economic challenges, social unrest and politics. So a magazine like Southside seems a likely draw for local and regional advertisers. 

“The magazine is the only publication to focus exclusively on the South Side, an expansive and historically neglected section of the city,” Cunningham writes. “Home to the Spanish colonial missions, the area has received attention from developers in recent years, particularly around the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River.

“Stories in the magazine’s January 2021 issue include an interview with a local artist, a book program at a Southside elementary school, and a new urban farm at a local coffee shop,” he continues.

Advertisers in the January 2021 issue — available on Amazon in print — include local businesses both in the Southside and throughout the area. We learned a lot about our magazine industry over the past 12 months — including the fact that advertisers are still happy to partner with print magazines that give them reach to an engaged and relevant crowd. This seems to prove the point.

Best of luck to Monterrosa as her magazine continues to thrive!