Mental Floss in Print … the 3-Year Drought is Over

It’s been a three-year wait for fans of the last Mental Floss magazine. Now, the wait is over, and the publisher has launched their next edition through an interesting partnership with Paper and Packaging.

“The magazine is part of a multi-platform program between Mental Floss and P+PB’s Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign,” explains this press release from Mental Floss. “The campaign reinforces the value of reading on paper daily with the 15 Pages a Day reading program, which encourages everyone to take the pledge to read at least 15 print pages every day. Research shows that reading on paper pages, similar to physical exercise, can yield several benefits including improved mental development and memory.”

Improved cognition? Better memory? Health benefits? Sign me up for that pledge. Our phone addictions are killing us slowly, so reading in print makes all sorts of good sense. And for Mental Floss, the chance publish in paper again is irresistible.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with the Paper & Packaging Board for the second year in a row,” said Erin McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief of Mental Floss. “We can’t imagine a better brand to help us bring back a special edition of our much-loved magazine.”

The folks at Paper and Packaging are pretty excited too.

“It is a pleasure to see Mental Floss in print again especially since 72% of people we surveyed said that ‘seeing words on paper helps me remember what I read’; and, fully 77% say they concentrate better when reading a printed book,” said Mary Anne Hansan, President of the Paper and Packaging Board. “We are thrilled to partner with Mental Floss to engage their readers with something they can truly get their hands on and heads around.”

Stop into your local Barnes & Noble store to buy your copy (they went on sale last week), and enjoy Mental Floss … in print!