May Sizzled According to Magazine Launch Monitor

button-launchHow’s the summer season shaping up for the magazine industry? In a word, it’s hot, according to Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni in his Launch Monitor report.

“May turned in some very serious numbers for 2015 – 28 new titles with frequency & 53 specials – 81 new magazine launches total,” Husni writes. “An absolutely beautiful way to kick off the upcoming summer months. And from every indication Mr. Magazine™ has; it’s going to be a sizzling-hot summer for magazines and magazine media.”

“May showed us once again print’s stamina and its ability to showcase content the way no other media can. Frequency titles tempted us to sit back and relax with everything from tips on genealogy to 3D printing. And the special issues were just as entertaining and diverse; from the party of the year; Vogue’s Met Gala, to American’s Most Notorious Criminals – and no, none on that list attended the Gala; at least, I hope not,” Husni quips.

The hottest categories for the month were epicurean, and special interest (this time last year, epicurean tied with home as the top categories.)

Another trend? Prices edge slightly up (for both specials and frequency titles), something we expect to see more of as publishers rely less on ad sales and more on cover price for revenues.

This is more continued good news, coming on the heels of a strong April launch report from Husni. Looks like 2015 is shaping up to be a year of note in the industry, in a very good way!