Magazine Readership Is Up Down Under

Ten of Australia’s top 15 titles grew their print readership over the past year.

What’s black and white and read Down Under? Print magazines, according to figures released last week by Aussie market research firm Roy Morgan.

“Ten of Australia’s Top 15 magazines grew their print readership over the past year, with six of the leading titles growing their readership by at least 5 percent on a year ago,” notes this article on the company’s site.


So what’s hot in Australia (where, by the way, it’s now wintertime)? According to Roy Morgan data, the five most-read categories are:

  1. Food and Entertainment, read by 33% of the adult population
  2. General interest, read by 22.5%
  3. Mass-market women’s titles, 16.7%
  4. Home and garden, 14%
  5. Business, Financial and Airline, read by 8.3%

Total cross-platform readership – which includes print and digital – increased to more than 15 million readers in 2017, said CEO Michele Levine, boding well for the advertising sector.

“From these strong performances across the board, and with nearly three-quarters of Australians aged 14+ reading them, it is clear that magazines offer advertisers a wide range of mass market and special interest options to reach their target audiences.”

Magazine media is a solid platform in a sea of uncertainty, and the numbers bear it out. For engaging with readers on a platform they trust, you can beat magazines.