Lonely Plant and Bloomberg Pursuits Get Fresh

bloomburgPrint has been called “the secret weapon of luxury retailers,” and two titles launches this season bear witness to this idea.

For Bloomberg, the redesigned Bloomberg Pursuits takes a fresh look at an often stale approach to the luxury reader.

“Some magazines targeting the luxury consumer seem to have an antiquated picture of who that is,” notes the magazine’s creative director Rob Vargas.

“They aren’t all flying around in private jets, wearing tuxedos and ball gowns, and clinking champagne glasses! The archetype of a successful person is broader than it’s ever been before. People are creating their own definitions of what success looks like, as opposed to abiding by some homogenous standard, and I think that’s a great thing,” Vargas told Jeremy Leslie of Mag Culture.

That concept translates into a magazine that is “more accessible, and a little more reflective of what the experience of spending money well can feel like, which is fun,” Vargas explains.

And while Bloomberg Pursuits puts a fresh spin on upscale lifestyles, Lonely Planet is doing the same for the world traveler with its upcoming revamped US edition.

Lonely Planet Magazine will launch as a quarterly in September with a guaranteed rate base of 450,000 and a $5.99 cover price,” writes Bill Mickey in Folio:.

According to publisher Piers Pickard, the magazine will be more inspirational than either the guidebooks or the website, offering “a source of inspiration for travel enthusiasts looking for authentic travel experiences.”

“The magazine does for the customer what a website and guidebook can’t do,” he says. “It gives us a fantastic tool for inspiring travel. The photography is beautiful, there’s excitement. It’s an incredible way of showcasing the world,” Piers explains.

Best of luck to both of these titles as they debut their reinvigorated selves in the weeks ahead.