Kudos to Tanner + West for a Dose of Inspiration Today

Life is upended, and it’s taken businesses large and small with it. No doubt the way your business operates has changed in many ways. Marketing agency Tanner + West knows this first hand and posted some solid ideas in this LinkedIn video.

1. Collaborate

Now is a great time to reach out and collaborate with other businesses and organizations. They give the example of a joint project between Studio Slant and Owensburg Living Magazine.

“Studio Slant has been delivering client purchases at their doorsteps,” the video notes, “and they agreed to include Owensburg Living Magazine in each delivery.”

This helps both businesses, and it gives local customers a way to support two businesses with one purchase.

2. Identify a give-away

The video reminds us to look at our challenges from an abundance mentality. What does your company offer that can add value and give to others? How can you help others, regardless of “what’s in it for you”? Putting that idea into practice, Tanner + West opened their video recording studio to a local organization to help them continue their marketing work.

3. Celebrate the victories

There’s enough bad news; we need to put out the good stuff. So celebrate the victories … the big, the small, and everything in between.

Thanks, Tanner + West, for this video series, and keep up the good work!