I’ll Have What They’re Having … Eating Well Closes Out a Tasty Year

While advertising revenue took a big hit last year (wow, it’s nice to say “last year” when we talk about 2020, isn’t it?), there was at least one notable exception.

“In a year when we have come to expect the unexpected, EatingWell magazine and its website, EatingWell.com, are finishing 2020 strong,” writes Dana Neuts in Subscription Insider. “Meredith Corporation reports that EatingWell’s December issue saw a 38% increase in advertising revenue year-over-year, and total fourth-quarter ad revenue up 10% compared to the fourth quarter of 2019.”

Not only are revenues up, so are subscription rates and audience numbers. 

“In addition to growth in ad revenue and web and social traffic, EatingWell saw a 61% increase in print magazine subscriptions bought online from January through November 2020, compared to the same period last year,” Neuts continues. “Content changes may have contributed to this success.”

Some of their notable editorial changes include:

  • a column about the future of food
  • more content on growing healthy kids
  • more coverage on beauty, celebs and kitchen makeovers
  • and some indulgent options to balance the overall healthy nature of the recipes.

“As we reach the finale of EatingWell’s 30th year, this trusted brand is more relevant than ever,” noted publisher Tiffany Ehasz in a recent press release. “It’s exciting to see how our content is resonating with consumers as they seek out recipes and information in areas we know so well—food, wellness, sustainability, giving back and beyond—particularly during these times.

We truly did learn a lot about this industry last year, especially the importance of passion-based content that has real impact on readers’ lives. And when a magazine can hit this sweet spot, advertisers want to be there, even in such a challenging market. 

“This year has been dismal for much of the publishing industry,” Neuts writes.  “Though the desire for more news and information has grown, many advertisers cut back on their spending during the pandemic, leaving many publishers with revenue shortfalls. 

“Despite the challenges,” Neuts continues, “EatingWell was able to grow ad revenue, web and social traffic, and magazine subscriptions during the fourth quarter, which is impressive. With the exciting content changes planned for 2021, it looks like EatingWell will start the year out strong.”

Well done, Eating Well, and congratulations on a delicious and nutritious year.