Huffington Post on Why Print Still Matters

a-hotelIt’s hip to be square, and that goes for marketing too.

According to Lee Traupel, founder of Linked Media Group, print is far from dead. In fact, “print as an au contraire marketing strategy can be cool,” Traupel says in the Huffington Post.

“Today, people are screen distracted — they are staring into screens on a 24/7 basis and print pulls them away and if done properly, can be compelling and really help to make your business stand out in the recipient’s mind,” Traupel writes.

This combined with the fact that “retro is in” is helping to drive strategic and tactical marketing back to print.

“Print media still has high perceived value by many. Tell a customer or strategic partner you are going to mention them in some form of printed marketing materials and you’ll get almost immediate interest and/or excitement via the other party,” he continues. “Clearly, there is a perceived value with print, unlike digital.”

That perceived value appeals to advertisers, meaning you can leverage the cost of printing your publication in ways you just can’t with digital.

“Think of print as a semi-permanent high value reference guide that answers questions your customers want to ask. Print is a malleable medium and will again deliver high perceived value if you think about it as a delivery mechanism that informs and engages the recipient in a unique manner,” Traupel advises.

Traupel is right: The tactile nature of the medium, combined with the permanence of the message, means what you say in print truly makes a lasting impression.