GoodFirms Launches in Print to Expand Reach in the Tech Space

GoodFirms Magazine – First Edition

When a company wants to expand its footprint in the tech space, they buy up tons of ad space on digital and do a big social marketing push, right? Well, if you’re GoodFirms, the company that helps businesses find the right software services and products, you might do something wild like launching a print magazine.

The company is delighted to announce the launch of the First Edition of GoodFirms Magazine,” notes this press release in Yahoo Finance. “The new magazine published by GoodFirms was launched on the 24th of February 2020, focusing on tech updates and resources pertaining to real-world scenarios. The major benefit of this magazine is that it will keep all the IT geeks and service seekers up to date with the latest trends and technology.”

That’s right – IT geeks and service seekers will be staying up to date … in print.

“Apart from this, GoodFirms magazine covers several CEO interviews, case studies, and marketing insights from leading digital marketing influencers,” the press release continues. “These articles will motivate and empower the upcoming entrepreneurs to achieve unimagined possibilities.”

It’s a bold move and makes perfect sense in light of how B2B decision-makers go about making those decisions.  I’ve written quite a lot about the swing from mass market to niche in consumer publications. But we’ve seen another huge swing that is obviously on GoodFirms’ radar screen. We’re talking about the shift in B2B brands away from digital and toward print.

What makes print so powerful in the B2B marketplace? For starters, brands can leverage laser precision targeting, the lean-back experience that fosters engagement, and the tangible “take away” nature a printed piece. And print offers a direct line to the C-suite in many cases. But at the crux of it all is trust. When people read in print, they tend to trust the information more than if they see it on digital.

For GoodFirms, this bodes well.

“In the magazine, GoodFirms also focuses on highlighting the positive aspects of its services by sharing press mentions that it received last year on some popular platforms like Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, and Markets Insider,” the press release notes. “Even spotlights few snippets from social media buzz sharing the genuine experience they have had with the GoodFirms services and authentic feedback from some of the leading sponsors.”

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