February Magazine Launches Ahead of 2014 Pace

button-launchThe deep winter freeze didn’t seem to slow down the magazine publishing industry last month.

“February 2015 saw 65 new titles hit newsstands, with 16 of those launches promising regular frequency,” remarks Samir “Mr. Magazine Husni. This compares well to one year ago, when Husni reported 58 new titles in February 2014.

“From Disney’s new children’s bi-monthly magazine, Frozen, to the epicurean delight of Sift; new titles offered a warm haven to escape to during a cold winter month that for most of us went beyond the mere chill of wintry winds and cold temperatures,” Husni notes.

“Specials were once again diversely niche, offering everything from March Madness to The Sound of Music. Cooking and eating healthy remained a strong voice in new magazines and also book-a-zines devoted to notable topics such as The Civil Rights Movement, Science & Entertainment,” he continues.

It’s easy to wax poetic when you see this kind of creativity being generated. From big names like Newsweek and their special edition Your Baby’s Brain, or the new Mid Century Mod décor mag, the range is impressive. We’ve already covered one new contender, Barney’s new lifestyle couture title The Window, a print extension of the retailer’s online site.

We are continually impressed with the people finding their voice in their niche and sharing that passion with their audience. Truly, print magazines are evolving into a more deeply personal and satisfying experience all the time.