Digital Alone Won’t Cut it for one Lifestyle Publisher

the-power-of-printAnother lifestyle magazine is making news, this time in Lagos, Nigeria. (Can we just say that this is beginning to be the norm rather than the exception? Lifestyle magazines are indeed a “thing” and more marketers are realizing the impressive power of print titles vs. digital content.)

According to Adedeji Ademigbuji in The Nation, one publisher claims social media is no match for print, and the so-called death of print is “a ruse.”

“We found that print will not die,” says Happenings publisher Edirin Abamwa. “I, initially, thought that print will die when we started two years ago but at a point in the business, we discovered that it was not happening quickly. We also discovered that print has attraction. The two platforms should co-exist and to make any impact it should be mixed by media buyers and marketers. That’s why we started the print edition,” Abamwa explains.

The magazine, which offers an upscale mix of fashion, lifestyle and entertainment content, started as an online publication but Abamwa quickly realized they needed to be in print “to satisfy and reach a wider range of our ardent readers.”

Much as publishers state-side are realizing, Abamwa says that publishers “should look for a way to synergise both the online and print media.”  They are talking about branching out into radio too, where they hope “to feed more listeners with entertainment, fashion and lifestyle bits,” writes Ademigbuji.

Digital is great for finding new audiences, and print works brilliantly to keep them engaged…at home and around the world.