Chart of the Week: Magazine Ads are Most Liked of All Media

Luxury brands know the score. So do big brands like Proctor & Gamble. And consumers have made their preference loud and clear with their massive adoption of ad blocking technology.

Now Kantar Research is the latest source to confirm what is becoming increasingly well-known: consumers prefer advertisements in legacy media, and especially in print magazines, and tend to dislike new digital media formats.

“According to data compiled by Kantar Media, people still prefer advertisements in legacy media, whereas they dislike them more in new media formats,” notes this post in FIPP. “The only legacy media that got a negative score was radio. The only new media format that got a positive mention was online “print” (online ads that are based only in text, not images).”

The least preferred, interestingly, were online video ads, which could spell real trouble for Facebook’s plans to roll out mid-roll video ads. Facebook, of course, never allowed pre-roll ads in their videos; we’re pretty sure they knew that 90% of viewers skip pre-roll ads whenever possible. It’s looking far from likely that we’ll tolerate it any better mid-roll.

For those of us in the print magazine business, this isn’t a surprise. We know those print ads are highly valuable to marketers. For many industry heavy hitters who encouraged their clients to abandon print to go digital, the tide is turning back to print as it’s becoming more obvious that print has been undervalued in recent years.

Looking to reach an engaged and receptive audience for your message? You’d do well to consider print magazines.