Bumble, a Magazine by Nature Lovers for Nature Lovers

Not that Bumble, this Bumble.

Bumble magazine (not to be confused with Bumble Mag, the print magazine for the Bumble dating app) recently released its fourth issue … with full-on Bambi doe eyes gracing the front cover.

The magazine, according to Olivia Bryant writing in MagCulture, spotlights wildlife in the UK and features the work of artists and writers whose work is inspired by nature.

“Think tree and animal identification, climate change, a short history of anti-plumage activism in the 19th century, butterflies, moths and invasive species,” Bryant writes.

The interior pages are a little reminiscent of National Geographic, with stunning photography set off by feature-length stories. The other stunning bit is that Bumble, a bi-annual publication at present, is run by volunteers. Part of its mission is to encourage readers to “do their bit” to help, notes their website.

“Bumble focuses on particular species that are struggling and gives simple advice on how you can do your bit to help,” the site notes. “We also feature local and international artists that take inspiration from the natural world. We aspire to create a simple, straight-forward publication that offers viewers of all ages a chance to engage with nature, whilst educating them on the importance of the natural environment. We wanted to allow any reader — regardless of prior ecological knowledge — to read, understand and immerse themselves in the world around them.”

It’s a lovely idea and a lovely magazine. Hopefully the idea catches on, as more readers stumble across the title. Maybe with luck, those volunteers will evolve into employees; it seems like an idea that should be popular right now, given the rise in UK subscriptions and the continued focus on environmental concerns.

“Ultimately, it’s for everyone to enjoy, just like nature itself!” the site notes. It is truly beautiful and looks like a worthwhile read. Buy yours today from the magCulture Shop.