A Digital-Only Macworld? Big Mistake, Guys

[responsive]macworld[/responsive]IDG has just axed its last remaining print publication and is moving Macworld to a digital-only platform. Are they not paying attention to what’s been going on in the magazine world of late, or do they really believe that this is a good business move?

“IDG is shuttering the print arm of Macworld, its last remaining print publication and it has axed much of its editorial staff. Macworld will continue as an online only publication, albeit with a reduced workload,” writes Christina Warren in Mashable.

“The closure of Macworld’s print edition comes several years after other IDG publications, including PCWorld transitioned to digital only,” Warren continues.

It’s weird, really, almost as if they are oblivious to the news about their own industry. With digital magazine sales slumping and digital ad revenues seriously underperforming, many are saying that digital editions are all but dead.

Meanwhile stories about digital-only publishers moving toward print to grow their business are all over the place.

We really don’t get this. Especially in light of the fact that they have let go the vast majority of their editorial staff. Digital or print, a high quality editorial team is mandatory for any publishing venture, and their apparent lack of commitment to good content is not a good sign.

The article we read gives no reason for their strange behavior, but we’ll follow the story and report what we learn here.

This one, we gotta say, has us scratching our heads.