3 Charts Aboot Canadian Magazines and the Power of Print

Magazine brands are ubiquitous across Canada, according to the latest quarterly audience reports from Vividata Canada. Perhaps the most interesting detail is that print is by far the preferred reading medium for magazines; 63% of magazine readers do so exclusively in print, with 18% reading on a combination of digital devices.

Magazine brands have massive saturation too, reaching 90% of adults across Canada.

All this bodes well for the brands that advertise in print magazines, as half of all magazine readers have been inspired to take action after seeing an ad, and 1 in 5 made a purchase.

This is the meat and potatoes in your print sales quiver, folks. This is hard evidence of print magazine media saturation and its ability to move customers through the funnel. We know print works in today’s multi-channel marketing strategy; this report offers some tangible evidence that makes the news easy to share.

Download the report here.