10 Titles that Prove Magazines are Amazing

colquartWe’ve been talking a lot about the new crop of lifestyle magazines being published by brands in a variety of niches, including real estate, retail and now even automotive.

Savvy brands are employing their own teams of highly skilled journalists, photographers and artists to elevate the brand magazine to something more akin to a high end luxury publication. And it seems to be working.

Smaller non-brand publishers are also having a revival, with a bevy of niche magazine titles that are eschewing the “more eyeballs” mentality of mass market publishing.

“It was only a few years ago that it seemed as though every self-appointed insider of the publishing industry was heralding the death of not only magazines, but the entire medium of print in general,” notes Gavin Young in HypeBeast.

“However, much to the relief of many print enthusiasts, the print industry today is more alive and vibrant than ever with new, expertly executed magazines debuting seemingly every month, each one specializing in increasingly niche segments of society.

“Inevitably, the final result commands a higher price, but these publications hedged their success on the evocative quality of print, their uncompromising image quality, and arresting graphic design, as well as engaging, first-hand journalism,” Young continues.

So what are the titles currently knocking it out of the park? Young offers a curated list of the top 10 indie titles to watch. It’s an eclectic mix, from the biannual Intern out of the UK to the funky fresh Mood, a combination of “good food set to good music.”

You’re sure to find something in the list to appeal to you. So grab a copy and indulge.