Happy Birthday to Porter Magazine

[responsive]net-a-porter[/responsive]More evidence that quality print titles can thrive in a multi-channel world: Net-a-Porter’s early success with their Porter fashion title, launched one year ago.

“The luxury online retailer NET-A-PORTER launched a magazine one year ago, PORTER, and today was able to report that it has a first publisher’s statement, showing that the magazine has reached a circulation of 152,500 after its first six issues,” reported D. B. Hebbard last week.

Of that circulation, 32,000 is reported as paid subscriptions (up 92% from the first issue), with the bulk of the remainder being distributed through retailers in 60 countries, Hebbard notes.

As Hebbard noted a year ago, the company boldly charged $8.99 for a digital edition ($32.99 for a six-issue subscription) through the Apple newsstand; digital circulation figures were not immediately available.

(At launch, the company made much of its intent to combine “the intimacy of the printed page with the instant gratification technology allows” via a scannable shopping app. Porter’s digital innovations were panned by some reporters at the time of the launch, not for the magazine itself but for the clunky digital tie-in.)

In Porter’s initial success, we are reminded of the incredible story-telling power of print, and the continued allure of the glossy high fashion magazine. The medium is an incredible engagement tool and continues to resonate with the buying public.

Well done, Porter, and many happy returns!