Young Companies Buying Print at Mind Blowing Levels

71JUICECOVER-OLSONLet’s just drop the “we only connect digitally” mindset; this young company is having a bonafide love affair with print in their marketing.

Forget the clichés; Millennials and Gen Xers DO look up…as long as you give them something to look at.

This seems to be the lesson learned by Sandy Hubbard, print marketing consultant writing in Print Media Center.

“I just finished a project with a company that’s so print-loving it blew my mind. I’ll call them Nater’s Skateboards to protect their confidentiality,” Hubbard writes (although we can’t quite understand why she needs to protect their confidentiality…seems they would love the publicity.)

She says her mind was blown by the amount of print they purchase, in particular because the company is young, focused on extreme growth, and aims to reach a digital savvy demographic.

“Shame on me for assuming a young company would have to be convinced to use print,” she says.

The company, regardless of its age, understands one critical thing: Print is a powerful way to expand your reach and connect with your best customers.  They are proving it, not only in the amount of business cards they still produce, but printed signs, banners, office décor, posters, apparel, packaging, direct mail, and catalogs they churn out. This company knows how to make it happen, and print is huge for them.

For Hubbard, it was an eye opener.

“If you’re not pursuing new companies because you believe that ‘young people don’t buy print,’ you’re missing a gigantic opportunity,” she writes. “If you can bring fresh ideas, energy and an understanding of their market to a company like Nater’s Skateboards, you could earn a customer that quite literally needs print continuously!”

For marketers and advertisers, it’s a valid lesson. A fresh idea, shared in a fresh way on a respected channel, is the key to growth and engagement. Who would have thought…