Why We Want Abby Carvosso on our Next Zoom Call

Abby Carvossa is just like us.

As Group Managing Director for Bauer Media Advertising, she no doubt has a “big” job. Yet in her interview with Magnetic Media, Abby makes it clear she’s really just one of us … trying to help her team deliver on their promise to give value to their ad partners.

“What that really means at the moment is that I am on teams video calls all day every day, either with customers or my team (and trying to homeschool three children… very badly!),” she says. “I am totally horrified about how old I look and how irritating my facial expressions are on each call but I love getting a peep into everyone’s homes!”

We hear you, Abby. Video conferencing software can be cruel … but it does connect us, especially now when we sorely need this connection. And our ad partners need help too … help in understanding how to craft the right messages during these weird days of “disastertising.”

Her team is on it.

“The last few weeks have all been about bringing the team together and establishing new ways of working with our teams internally, with our customers and with our brands,” she continues. “We’re working on establishing a clear commercial goal and set of objectives in light of the Covid-19 crisis, to ensure everyone is focused on the areas that will make the biggest difference to help support our customers and drive revenues.”

Historically, we know how important this is: Brands that continue to advertise during the tough times have a much better chance of coming out strong on the other side. And publishers play a key role in helping brands understand this.

It also helps that Bauer has a true gift for knowing how to create content that resonates in the moment. Bauer, you may remember, is the brand behind Grazia and their well-received issue dedicated to front line healthcare workers.

“There have been so many brilliant magazine moments, but I am so proud of the work that the Grazia team in particular have been doing,” Carvossa notes. “The 31st March issue was particularly special with the four NHS frontline workers on four split covers. Reading their interviews about how they’re working during this crisis was inspiring, eye-opening and truly humbling.”

Time and again, Bauer shows us how publishing can thrive in any condition, including a pandemic. They’ve seen a 70% surge in new subscriptions over last year, as people reach for the things that bring them pleasure and speak to their passions.

“In our newest research, collected between 31st March – 3rd April, readers noted that the top reasons for reading magazines whilst on lockdown were because they provided escapism, a dose of normality, connection and companionship. From at-home facials to easy recipes using cupboard ingredients, we always try to ensure that our brands deliver on all those fronts whilst also providing relevant, up-to-date news and ideas.”

It’s like having a friend jump on a Zoom call. We all need that connection, especially now. Thanks, Abby, for the peek inside life from your perspective.