Where Did the Money Come From this Year?

folio_logoWhere are magazine media brands growing? Folio: presents a recap from industry execs on where they saw green this year.

Folio: had a question for magazine media industry leaders at the end of 2015: “What’s your most successful/high-growth revenue stream this year, and why?”

“With 2016 fast-approaching and no end in sight for the market dynamics that are shaking up magazine media, publishers continue to seek out and invest in the high-growth segments of their businesses,” the article notes.

In their article “The Highest-Growth Revenue Streams for Magazine Media in 2015,” they note that revenue upswings are coming from “a variety of sources” for these media brands, confirming that there is no one magic formula for success in the current media landscape.

“We’ve had significant growth in digital advertising revenues across traditional display units, native advertising (BrandVoice) and mobile,” said Mark Howard of Forbes. “We’ve also had double digit percentage growth on our events and insights revenues.”

Original programming was key for the Enthusiast Network. “Without question, our investment in video production and original programming has been our highest growth area of the company,” said CEO Scott Dickey.

Regional magazine Feast saw green in TV, and publisher Catherine Neville credits their Emmy-winning show Feast TV.

For Mike Shea, CEO of Alternative Press, events and sponsorship packages were hot, as were print sales. He says “surprisingly considering all the doom and gloom, single copy sales have rebounded in such areas as grocery stores and Target. I’m not complaining!”

Meanwhile Elizabeth Tucker of Alive Media credits content marketing services as their top growth, “because they are relevant to our audience and clients.”

In an industry in flux, it’s fascinating to see how things are shaking out for many of the brands out there. And it’s further proof that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Creative and innovative publishers and brands will continue to discover what works.