What Do All Those Eyeballs See When They Look at Your Marketing?

We’ve heard the advice before: Embrace a multi-channel marketing strategy that includes digital, traditional and indirect routes to engage customers. It’s a sound strategy, and Ron Stein does a good job of breaking it down in this article in Florida Trend, if you need a refresher.

Stein reminds us that once is never enough, and buyers will engage with your company several times before purchasing. Then he gets to what we think is the heart of the matter, when he talks about the importance of consistency.

“Your channels will have one thing in common that’s very important — your brand. What your buyers and customers experience no matter how you reach them, or where they find you, must offer consistent messaging and service,” Stein writes.

“That’s because there’s a very good chance that your audience will interact with your brand on a mix of platforms. If your buyer has a poor experience in just one channel then it will have a negative impact on your offering,” he continues.

“For instance, when using partners as a channel, create a package for them use that allows them to add their logo to brochures, ebooks, videos, and so on. This way, everything you do, every touch point will have a dependably persistent look and message,” Stein suggests.

For many companies looking to reach well-heeled eyeballs (okay, that is a weird image but you know what we mean), print magazines are becoming an increasingly popular way to do this. Luxury hotelier The Standard has done it, as has the quickly growing Airbnb.

“Print is changing, that’s for sure,” says Airbnb’s Christopher Lukezic. “The desire for physical magazines and books will always remain. Without being too precious, print is still the best medium for telling stories in words and photographs.”

If your brand’s story is worth hearing, it’s important to tell it properly. Whatever the channel – digital or print, partner or event – using the proper medium to convey your message can make or break your brand’s impression.