Wearable Tech, Now in Print

third-waveA print magazine aimed at fashionable tech? Why not; even techonistas like to read in print.

It may seem counterintuitive – a magazine aimed at the high fashion wearable technology market, debuting in print. But it’s happening, and it’s causing some buzz.

“The inaugural issue of Third Wave Magazine has hit newstands, bursting out of the gate with information and ideas,” writes Alex J. Tunney in Open Source Fashion.

“While this issue focuses on wearables, it also covers the social media landscape, the internet of things, fashion tech startups, apps and innovators you need to know,” Tunney explains. “It also shines spotlights on friends of OSF, Loni Edwards and Melissa Gonzalez. Most importantly: food, dogs and 3-D printing are very in right now.”

Interestingly, the magazine has no ads, only sponsored content that, Tunny stresses, is clearly labeled and fits “seamlessly” because of affinity the sponsors (fashion tech startups) have with the reader’s interest.

“If you picked up this magazine, it’s because you’re interested in fashion tech, so it makes sense you might want to know about major startups in the space,” Tunney notes.

So what is the magazine all about? Tunney notes that it’s all about the niche.

“Small brands, new designers and the consumer,” he writes. “Whether it’s making selfies shoppable, focusing on New York’s tech scene, innovating textiles or helping new media content creators create shops– companies are focusing people, pieces and places instead of trying to get super-big. Or at least they plan on getting it right first before the scaling larger.”

The fact that these techonistas are consuming this title in print tells us that one of the hippest accessories continues to be a good looking magazine tucked under your arm.