We Are All Subscribers Now


It used to seem like quite a bit of a commitment, signing up to receive something over and over. Yet something is happening in our society that is taking the resistance out of this … and it may help niche publishers weather the downturn in ad sales.

“Even toilet paper ‘subscriptions’ are suddenly attractive, and food delivery subscriptions have gone berserk,” writes Bruna Rodwell in Niche Publishing Network. “Kids craft, books and wellbeing kits should all also be doing well.”

Think about your own expenditures … from SaaS for your business to Netflix or Disney at home, we are subscribing to the things that matter to us. And magazine subscriptions are surging right now thanks to our stay-at-home lives.

“Believe it or not, some magazine subscriptions are experiencing significant growth since the COVID-19 outbreak,” Rodwell writes. “It makes sense that people still want entertainment when they’re self-isolating. And subscriptions can still be delivered safely to individuals…so why not?”

Rodwell warns, however, that making a fast pivot to subscription marketing can be a challenge, and takes some prep.

“Now, more than ever, you need to have a good database, be customer service focused, promote regularly and consistently, and be prepared to invest in the longer-term value of a customer. That doesn’t happen overnight,” Rodwell notes.

You might start with her tips to help turn on a subscriber campaign:

  • Run some good short-term offers but give even better value on longer-term offers to reward loyalty.
  • Remind people what a great ongoing gift a subscription makes (Mother’s Day is coming up).
  • Reconnect with lapsed customers. This is the time to remind your previous customers that you’re still around. 
  • Retention is more important than ever.
  • Try more digital subscription offers.

If you aren’t focusing on subscriptions now and worried about declining ad sales, this approach makes good sense. And you just might find you have a willing and engaged audience who would welcome you into their homes on a frequent basis.