Watch Site Hodinkee to Publish a Print Magazine

It’s been a cult hit since it launched as a blog in 2008. Now Hodinkee has announced it will publish a glossy print magazine, according to Victoria Berezhna writing in Business of Fashion.

“Our twin goals for the Hodinkee Magazine are to offer something new to our longtime readers and to introduce new people to the Hodinkee lifestyle,” Stephen Pulvirent, managing editor of Hodinkee, told BoF.

“If you’re a die-hard watch collector, there are classic Hodinkee stories,” Pulvirent continued. “If you’re someone who doesn’t typically read about watches, but you’re interested in things like cars, fashion, architecture, etc., the Hodinkee Magazine could serve as an introduction that speaks to you in a language you understand and with a perspective that resonates.”

There’s a lot to like about this.

First off, it’s another example of a digital brand launching into print, as a way to expand engagement and reach. Second, it’s a great example of a print magazine as a lifestyle enabler, an increasingly important role of modern print. Finally, it’s a beautiful way for an industry that has seen its share of challenges – the watch industry is just coming out of a three-year slump – to find the people who are truly passionate about the niche.

As magazines continue their swing from mass market to niche, magazines like Hodinkee are responding in great style. As Berezhna notes, the design aesthetic is akin to a soft cover coffee table book, perfect for a title that expects to print just twice yearly.

“We don’t really think of the Hodinkee Magazine as something that fits within the confines of the watch industry,” Pulvirent said to BoF. “This is a more general interest men’s lifestyle magazine that is inspired by a type of person who we know to be interested in watches.”

Definitely time to order this one.