UK Readership Solid in Print, Declining on PC

Mobile readership is growing in importance for UK magazine media brands – but print remains the bulk of readership for several popular brands.

Ellen Hammett in Mediatel reports on the latest NRS and AMP data from the period the covers July 2016 – June 2017 and found that, while mobile attention is growing, print continues to make up the bulk of readership for many popular brands.

Mobile is clearly driving readership views, as we expect it would. One interesting thing, though – PC or desktop access is losing ground.

“In fact, of Heat’s almost 2-million strong audience, just 78,000 come from PC, compared with 807,000 on mobile and 1.3 million from print,” Hammett writes, referencing the British entertainment magazine.

“For Glamour and Radio Times, readership is split evenly between print and mobile, while PC accounts for a fifth of Radio Times’ 5.5 million readers,” she continues.

This lack of interest in viewing magazine content on PC doesn’t surprise us. Magazines – even B2B and association publications — have long been a lean-back experience, most often enjoyed away from the desk.

The fact that mobile engagement is up is not a surprise either, as magazine media brands distribute across channels. Still, magazine content on mobile can’t give us what we really crave – and that’s why print continues to be a major player in the magazine landscape.

Print magazines – we can’t quit you, and clearly, neither can our friends in the UK.