Tweetable Twooths about Magazine Media

tweetable_truths_carrousselIt might be a bit of a tongue twister, but the facts about magazine media sure sound sweet.

Quick, what U.S. media channel is used by more than nine out of 10 adults? According to research firm GfK MRI, the answer is magazine media

“[Ninety-one] percent of U.S. adults read print magazines,” notes this fact sheet of Tweetable Truths about magazine media. Perhaps even more surprising, that number goes up for the younger generations, with 95% of adults under 25 reporting themselves as readers of print magazines.

One possible reason? It seems consumers trust magazines over TV, and the medium offers more inspiration as well (source: Experion Marketing Services, 2014). That could be why 180 print titles are still thriving after 50 years in publication, while only 13 television shows can say the same (source: MPA Info Center).

That’s real primetime, baby: Nielson research shows that the “top 25 print magazines reach more adults & teens than the top 25 primetime TV shows.”

All of this is good news for advertisers. Magazine ads consistently ranks as more engaging, more welcome and more influential than other media, and are probably “more effective than people give the credit for,” stated Sir Martin Sorrell, head of WPP. Indeed, Sir Martin.

Are you a fan of print and magazine media? This fact sheet of tweetable tidbits will make your day.