Try a Liberal Hand (It’s a Free Font, Not a Political Statement)

As the handcrafted movement continues to thrive – helped, no doubt, by the shift from mass market to niche – we present two free fonts that will help you achieve that new/old/totally current look.

First up is Liberal Hand by font designer Tom Chalky. He’s created a classic serif style with a hand-drawn twist; it comes in all caps in regular and bold. Liberal Hand is great for adding some rugged character that you can’t get with run-of-the-mill serifs. Try it in rustic-style logos or branding pieces. Download free from Speckyboy Design Magazine.

Next up is Freschezza by Spain-based designer Marco Oggian. It’s a fun and funky design with four styles in all caps that can be layered for a 3D look. The four styles – normal, striped, bolt and 3D – are great for posters, party invitations, and other casual contexts. And if you’re looking for the perfect candy cane text for those Secret Santa invites, try Freschezza Striped in red and white. Download all four styles free from Hello Font.

If you like what you find, share the love with the designers and font sites that bring these to us each week. And be sure to check out the rest of our Free Font Friday goodies.