This is How You Make Print Noisy

california-oct-2016How do you make a print magazine about sound audible? For The California Sunday Magazine, the solution was surprisingly simple.

The California Sunday Magazine is known for its innovative thinking. After all, it came to life as a print title two years ago out of a live pop-up event. Still, when they decided to dedicate a recent issue to the sounds of California, the challenge of making paper audible was real.

“The issue features the sounds of forests, the ocean, things being made and musicians, moving from quiet to loud,” writes Kristen Hare in Poynter. “But how do you make a print issue about sound audible? The solution was actually pretty simple.”

“So many interesting ideas come from limitations! We thought a print magazine dedicated to sound might be a little quiet,” said Editor-in-Chief Doug McGray. “So we had this idea to create sonic footnotes.

“There are almost 100 of them scattered throughout the print edition. You can tap and play the footnotes on your phone at and listen to these little sonic moments as you’re reading in print. It’s a really fun, novel reading experience,” McGray continued.

The result is a truly beautiful and immersive experience that helps solidify the brand’s image as a thoughtful publisher in tune with their customer’s experience.

The magazine had its genesis in the Pop-Up Magazine, events that are billed as “live magazines” and bring together a wild variety of performers, photographers, writers and musicians for one-night-only events. The events became so popular that a printed spin-off was a natural fit, and That California Sunday Magazine was born.

We love how they’ve conquered the challenge of creating sound in print, and immersing their audience into a full sensory experience. This is how you make some noise.