The Throw Back Magazine for Doomsday Preppers

Well, this is cheery.

“If you were to browse a British newsstand in the early 1980s, you might have discovered a rather unusual magazine,” writes Chris Baraniuk the BBC..

“Called Protect & Survive Monthly or ‘PSM’, it aimed to teach people how to survive the almost unthinkable – nuclear war,” he continues.

The first issue opened with a salient question by editor Colin Bruce Sibley, asking how many citizens would know how to protect themselves and their families.

“PSM’s name referenced a contemporaneous, but unconnected, government information campaign (Protect and Survive) to teach British citizens the basics of survival during nuclear Armageddon,” Baraniuk explains. “The pamphlets and videos distributed by authorities are famous – but the similarly titled independent magazine has faded into obscurity.”

Topics included information on building bomb shelters, grim advice on how to bury loved ones, “and even the difficulties of dealing with packs of wild rats.”

Fortunately, the world is a much safer place today and we don’t need to worry abo….. oh wait. Wonder where I can find a copy?