The Stack Interview with Record Culture Magazine

Love vinyl culture? Then you may be a fan of Record Culture, a relatively young print magazine that lauds vinyl and everything surrounding it.

Stack founder Steve Watson recently interviewed Editor-in-Chief Karl Henkell about his magazine, which visits vinyl lovers in their homes and publishes long interviews along with photographs that show the collectors surrounded by their vinyl and their “stuff.”

“Talking to Karl I was struck by the fact that he seems to be working to recapture something of a bygone age of music magazine,” Watson says in his interview podcast, explaining how Henkell goes in search of what he calls “the perfect interview.”

Henkell says that music is always their anchor when interviewing people, whether they are musicians themselves, DJs, radio show producers, all the way to fashion designers and art curators who have a strong connection to music and record collecting.

The editorial team goes to the subject’s home or studio and uses photography to round out the written story to get a full picture of the person.

“It’s a way to tell more of their story,” Henkell notes, saying “a picture tells a thousand words. I think that’s the case when you get a photographer taking pictures of a person’s bookshelves, capturing their knickknacks close up, for example, that says quite a bit about a person.”

The result is a quirky, unusual and uncommonly intimate portrait of vinyl lovers of all stripes.

The bi-annual publication is now in its third year, and available through subscription or at select magazine stockists. It’s an absolutely beautiful peek into the hearts and souls of true vinyl lovers and would make an excellent gift for the music lover in your life.