The Print Catalog that Hit the Social Big Time

ZgallerieLoren Mattia knew the challenge. The social media specialist for upscale furniture brand Z Gallerie knew that her customers were heavy into social media, and to reach them she needed something really special. She also understands that shopping for furniture is a tangible experience, so the campaign needed to be visceral enough to engage at that level.

“All of our marketing channels are vehicles that reinforce and magnify each other,” Mattia said in an interview with Natasha D. Smith at DirectMarketingNews.

“[We] saw that customers were snapping Instagram photos of our premier catalog on their coffee tables and even going to lengths to style a photo with our catalog as the focal point,” Mattia explains. “So, we decided to capitalize on it as a means to merge a more tangible and traditional experience with a digital experience.”

“So marketers for Z Gallerie worked to design an immersive experience with the April launch of #PagesofStyle—a campaign with several moving parts that mixes the power of print with the impact of digital,” Smith notes.

The campaign is a runaway hit, and is going on through July. What’s so great about this entire campaign is the natural way the message blends from one channel to another. And it all centers around a lovely print catalog that sits proudly on coffee tables around the country.

“It’s all about providing as many opportunities as possible to engage your customers,” Mattia says. “It’s so important that we’re innovative and on the cutting edge. Incorporate as many channels as you have access to that make sense for your brand. In doing so, you have the potential to reach the most customers.”

Nicely done.