The Oasis of Print in a Plugged-in World

There she was, a sea of tranquility in the midst of the holiday hustle at a busy airport. For Toby Reed, she was a startling anomaly.

“I was intermingled among the various travelers, phone conversations, and blinking lights that punctuate the craziness of the Holiday Season. And I felt like the Grinch. I was stressed and anxious as I paced the terminal trying to get a decent cell phone signal,” Reed writes in a LinkedIn post.

“But amid the frenetic pace of the terminal my attention quickly focused on one female traveler. She was alone, reading a book and smiling. Unlike anyone else at my end of the terminal she was calm, content, and seemingly ‘in the zone’,” he continues.

We won’t give away the rest of the story; it’s worth a look at Reed’s short and poignant post. The takeaway, for Reed and for so many of us, is that print exists for us, at our own pace, when we’re ready. It’s the delightful difference print offers compared to digital and its insistence on being seen, heard and responded to immediately.

For Reed, and for the peaceful traveler (who happens to be an IT consultant with a huge role at Fortune 500 company), print is that rare, non-demanding happy place.

As Reed so pithily sums up, #printwins.