The Indie Title All About Water

“I love it when independent magazines really lose themselves in a niche, and Water Journal definitely belongs in that category,” writes Steve Watson in Stack Magazines’ blog. “A photo-driven magazine published in London by Edvinas Bruzas, it reflects his lifelong obsession with water, as well as his desire to do things differently.”

That desire has been leveraged into the visually stunning and editorially engaging indie magazine, Water Journal. The vision works because Bruzas isn’t afraid to drill down deep into his niche and own the space.

“It also means some bold choices for producing the title – the Lithuanian national had planned to print in the UK, but after witnessing a print nightmare at close quarters, he decided to look further afield and ended up printing with KOPA back in his home country; a decision he now sees as utterly key to the magazine’s success so far,” Watson explains.

Watson interviewed Bruzas about his passion, his vision and the realities of publishing an indie title. The resulting podcast is a great listen, and an intimate peek into the soul of a real niche publisher. It’s worth a listen.

This kind of passion, when it finds its tribe, brings titles to life in this age of niche magazines. And having the space to take that incredibly deep dive into the topic truly is a luxury rarely found in mass market titles. Take, for example, the “still life in a water cup” piece that Eddie speaks of in the podcast.

Magazines like this one make us happy to be in this business. Amazing.