The Cornerstone of Magazine Reach

WAMInteresting print statistics from the land down under.

It’s a good year for print magazines in Australia, according to B&T Magazine.

While regional papers were up and weekend papers dropped slightly, “print magazines still reached 12,477,000 Australians 14+, up 0.8 percent compared with the 12 months to June 2015,” the article notes, citing research from Roy Morgan.

And those readers are more likely to choose print over digital, the research finds.

“Overall, print clearly remains the cornerstone of magazine reach. Vogue continues to have the highest online reach overall (422,000), while only it and Gourmet Traveller so far reach more readers online than in print,” the article continues. “The only other titles to reach less than 60 percent of their total Audience via print are Cosmopolitan, Reader’s Digest, Time Magazine, and The Monthly.”

“Unlike for newspapers, print remains the dominant channel through which Australians interact with magazine titles,” Roy Morgan CEO Michelle Levine said.

The powerful reach of print combined with the engaging nature of the medium make print magazines a powerful ad platform with outstanding ROI compared to digital. And that’s true no matter what side of the world you read on.