Tapping into Your Readers’ Passion… in a Print Magazine

Can a magazine bring us to tears?

It seems the answer is yes, according to Magnetic’s Sue Todd writing in Campaign.

“A few weeks back, just before the total lockdown, as a small gesture to our advertising newsletter community we offered a free three-month magazine subscription for 100 readers who identified friends, family or indeed themselves as vulnerable people who were beginning to self-isolate,” Todd explains.

She notes that at this early point in the pandemic, they had no idea how widespread and extended the isolation period would quickly become.

“In the weeks since,” Todd notes, “some of the ‘winners’ have started to receive their free magazines and we at Magnetic HQ have had more than one watery-eyed moment over the thank yous and responses from both the receivers and nominators.”

As Todd notes, there are two things about these heartfelt reactions that are striking:

“First, how much small gestures and thoughts matter,” she writes. “It seems that receiving a much-loved magazine and being thought of by a son, daughter, friend, neighbor or grandchild is also a small moment of care and consideration.

“But it’s also about the moment of pleasure or purpose that the reading occasion and content itself brings,” she continues.

It’s the gift of something they love … from someone who loves them. And at this time, as we are all spending more time indoors, our passions matter. Imagine sending someone who loves to bake a subscription to a baking magazine; or someone who is longing for professional sports, receiving his favorite golf magazine in the mail. These things matter to us, more deeply now perhaps than ever.

I’ve shared before how publishing during the pandemic helps us stay in touch with the things we truly care about. Magazines truly do tap into that passion and purpose readers crave. This no doubt helps us understand why magazine subscriptions are surging, in the UK and the US.

What we already know about print magazines – that they are among our top choices for pleasurable reward moments – is clearly evident now.

“Another recent insight piece from Bauer Media bears this out in terms of consumption, with 31% of people claiming to be reading more special-interest titles, including 28% more music, film and entertainment publications, 21% more TV-listings titles and 14% more women’s lifestyle magazines,” Todd notes.

For advertisers, there is one important takeaway – magazines are now more than ever our “feel good” media. Being seen in a print title puts you in front of a deeply engaged, enthusiastic and receptive audience. Who could ask for a better way to reach your customers?