Tales of the City to Launch Online and In Print

[responsive]Warehouse[/responsive]How does one compete in the high stakes world of fashion retailing? If you are Warehouse, you do it with a three-year commitment to content, both digital and print, according to Jennifer Faull in The Drum.

“Warehouse has launched an online and print magazine as it ramps up its content offering for an autumn/winter push,” Faull notes.

“The high street fashion retailer created the ‘Tales of the City’ blog on its website which will be populated with content from a weekly pool of commissioned contributors including Conde Nast Traveller’s style editor Bonnie Rakhet, as well as illustrators and photographers,” Faull continues.

According to the team at Warehouse, they are looking to create a hub of “life and style content” for its 7 million plus customers.

“We realised that content is just as important as commerciality,” said Warehouse’s Cath Daly. “We needed to build a vehicle to engage with our customers that also puts us in line with our competitor sect.”

That content will include a blog that is fed with fresh content under four categories (style, work, play and relationships), as well a print vehicle.

“There will also be a print version of ‘Tales of the City’ which will be published bi-annually. The magazine will be distributed throughout stores, with online orders and via selected partners including Grazia,” says Faull.

As Daly puts it, this is part of “a long-term strategy for the brand in which the blog and magazine run for the next three years to build up ‘credibility’ with the audience,” writes Faull.

It’s heartening to see a company think this far ahead in their content plans, and understand the incredible power of content – digital and printed – to build their brand. Their three-year commitment gives the project enough time to do its job, and as such is far more likely to produce the kind of long-term results the company is seeking.