Take This One in Your Carry-on

Last week we mentioned Smithsonian’s new publication, designed to appeal to the “cultural traveler,” as part of an article on what’s different about magazines these days.


As the launch date of Smithsonian Journeys approaches (April 21, but who’s counting), we are learning more about the new title thanks to Brett Zongker of the Associated Press in the Pekin Times.

“The first edition is dedicated to Paris with stories about its history, the origins of the croissant and other topics, said Editor-in-Chief Victoria Pope, who previously edited National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report. Like the Smithsonian museums, the travel magazine will include some science, art and a lot of history, she said,” Zongker reports.

Smithsonian Journeys will be a quarterly print title, with a cover price of $13.99. That puts it in the range of other quality bookazine-style magazines that offer in-depth long-form writing with gorgeous images and production values.

“Such publications have been successful amid declines for other print publications,” said Steve Giannetti of Smithsonian Enterprises, adding that “travel also has provided a large advertising base for sister publication Smithsonian magazine as well.”

It seems a natural development for the brand, which has operated a guided travel service for 45 years and enjoys a hard-earned reputation as an expert in cultural tourism.

“Each edition will focus on one edition with photography and stories about history, food, customers and science,” Zongker notes.

As more publishers and brands choose to launch these specialty titles, print continues to cement its new-found reputation as a premium medium, and fans are reaping the benefits of this trend. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one.