Success Magazine and the “YouEconomy”

SUCCESScoverThe August issue offers up a long-form look at the revolution sweeping how we work, play and live.

It’s called the “YouEconomy,” and it captures the idea of working, playing and living according to your passions, not those of your employer. And this August, Success magazine devotes its entire print issue to the idea, notes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni.

In a candid interview with GM Jim McCabe and Editor-in-chief Josh Ellis, Husni offers a look at the thought process that went into the issue and what the publisher hopes to offer.

“The cover story alone is 6,000 words, and that’s just something that you don’t see online very much,” said Ellis. “People will not sit down for the hour that it takes to read a story that long and from the same website and keep scrolling and scrolling, but in print it’s an enjoyable read, because of things like layout and the feel of the paper. We thought it was so important for our readers to get the entire sense of what has developed in the ‘YouEconomy’ that print is the perfect place to really make the announcement.”

McCabe echoes the sentiment, saying “It’s the place where we can have the longer form discussion; it’s durable and we have all of the avenues where people can continue that discussion socially and online and we give them day-to-day inspiration with those vehicles, but nothing can replace print as the durable place for a long-form discussion.”

It’s all slightly ironic on the face of it; much of the so-called YouEconomy simply wouldn’t be possible without our digital lifestyles. Print still very much has its place in this new world order and appeals to folks across the spectrum of our society.

“What I think is fascinating about the ‘You Economy’ is that it’s cross generational,” said McCabe. “There are people in their 50s now who started their careers and were 100% sure they were going to be in corporate America for the rest of their lives and their biggest fear in life was always losing a job and not having an opportunity to earn income and then where that next job was coming from and what they were going to do.

“And then you also have the younger people, the millennials, who have just come out and have always looked at life differently and aren’t necessarily enamored with signing up with a company forever and having a boss tell them what to do,” McCabe continues. “But the one universal thing that they all have now is immediate opportunity. The one thing that I think the ‘YouEconomy’ eliminates is the unknown.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on this issue and dive into this great topic. Congratulations to the whole team at Success for going big and in print on this one!