Still Crazy in Love with Print Ads

Well, there we have it. Again. If you want to reach truly engaged readers, print magazine ads are the way to do it.

In a survey of female magazine readers, 84% say they are more engaged when reading print than when spending time with any other media, including digital and TV. Bauer Media commissioned the third-party research for the study to help them understand how to grow their advertising business, notes Caysey Welton in Min Online.

Bauer’s Ian Scott, head of advertising sales, says he wasn’t so surprised by that 84% figure – they were, after all, talking to an audience of current magazine readers. What did surprise him was what they said about the ads in the print magazines:

As Welton reports:

  • 55% said they enjoy ads more in magazines than on TV;
  • 53% said the ads were an important part of why they read magazines in the first place; and
  • 75% said the ads featured products they were interested in.

“It supports the idea that advertising matters in our magazine and people like it,” Scott notes. He goes on to say, “we outperformed our competitive segment by 152% with advertising being more valuable.”

While Bauer Media, as Welton notes, relies heavily on newsstand sales, Scott is taking this information on the road to present these results.  He expects this data will help ad partners truly understand the value of their print ad investments.

“I will be going across the country in every market to present this research. That’s our focus over the next three months—to get this research out there to every client we can,” Scott notes.

Happy trails, Mr. Scott. And happy advertising to all the partners you reach.