Shoppable Images A Great Opportunity to Integrate Digital with Print

[responsive]scanprint[/responsive]Online shopping is usually a bit uninspired. While some websites are using video and other distractions to introduce their new lines, the typical purchase experience involves clicking on a lot of pictures laid out in grids. It reduces online shopping to a chore and limits any kind of brand interaction.

A new trend called shoppable images is out to change that.

“Whether it’s shoes, apparel, and accessories on a model or the latest living room setup, people want to be able to visualize how a product will fit into their own style and environment,” writes Echidna. “Shoppable images are turning that idea into a reality for customers of all kinds. From the company’s perspective, shoppable images present a great opportunity to share the story of your brand – they allow you to naturally tell a story as users are browsing through products in a way that hasn’t been possible through traditional eCommerce.”

The idea has a lot of merit. Browsing through the new line at British retailer Topshop, we were drawn into the brand and able to click on any item in the photo for purchase information. A great experience, and it gave us a sense of how we might actually use the items on display.

As Echidna notes, “Shoppable images make shopping online more experiential and emotional.” It really did offer more engagement than the typical online store experience.

The concept seems to be working really well online. And the next step, as we envision it, is for some brand to create an app that will scan these kind of shoppable images in a magazine or direct mail piece and tie that in to the purchase path. That could be some serious ecommerce disruption.

Any takers?