Record Store Day Could Be a Real Goldmine

Music magazines, indie record stores, and a cover shot of a young Mick Jagger – have we warped back to the ‘70s?

No, this is all happening right now, thanks to a creative partnership between print and vinyl.

“Goldmine, the media brand for music collectors, announced a new nationwide distribution partnership with URP Music Distributors that’s timed to launch on Record Store Day, April 22,” writes Tony Silber in Folio.

“In the partnership, Goldmine extends its reach into more than 600 independent record stores, about half of the total independent stores in the country,” Silber continues. It’s a brilliant piece of timing, with the announcement being included in Record Store Day “starter kits,” almost guaranteeing good pick up.

Ray Chelstowski (GM of the F+W Media, which owns the title) believes this is just the beginning of good things from this partnership; aside from advertising potential and inroads with music suppliers, there is one key element that is poised to make this work.

He notes, “… there’s huge growth potential in the fact that millennials have embraced a new love for vinyl records, which drives traffic to record stories and sales of rare collectables.”

Vinyl sales have been rising for just this very reason, as the younger generation pushes back against a digital-heavy life. Couple that with their love for print, and it’s a perfect storm of retro good vibes.

Of course, none of this works with just any brand. The real power of the promotion is due to the brand’s influence and stature in the music collectibles niche. It’s this strong brand voice that opens the doors to these kinds of partnerships.

Goldmine is an amazing brand,” Chelstowski says. “It plays a unique, critical role in the recorded music ecosystem, informing and connecting the music buying and collecting community. We have a great partner in URP to get this special issue of Goldmine into more independent stores April 22 for Record Store Day.”

BTW, Record Store Day is April 22; when was the last time you visited a local music store? Show them some love this weekend.