Publisher Channels Inner Jedi to Launch Star Wars Magazine

star-wars-magThis one takes us right back to the days when we’d run down to the corner store, allowance burning a holes in our pockets, to pick up the latest issue of our favorite magazine. Those summer afternoons would go by in a haze of imagination as we hunkered down in our favorite hiding places and devoured every word, every image.

Kids in the UK are in for a similar treat as Ergmont’s Disney line launches Star Wars Adventures Magazine, according to FIPP.

“We are thrilled to be launching Star Wars Adventures; all of the editorial team have been channelling their inner Jedi in order to create this ultimate introduction to the Star Wars Galaxy,” says Ergmont’s Jo Doubtfire.

The magazine is aimed at kids 6 – 11 years of age…but don’t be surprised if adults are reading this on the sly. We can all use a little reminder of the good old days.