Print…the Front Door to Your Brand

msl-cover2New strategy brings in the millennial audience to Martha Stewart Living

One might be surprised to think that Millennials, sometimes referred to as the “goat cheese” generation, would be drawn to a magazine like Martha Stewart Living. And yet it’s happening, with a younger generation that’s hungry for relevant content and printed magazines.

The marketing force behind the strategy, publisher Daren Mazzucca, tells Caysey Welton of MinOnline how it’s going.

“We are excited to see our channels grow,” says Mazzucca. “We hit 1 million on Instagram last week and within the next two weeks we will hit 2 million followers on Facebook. We have also seen the video views on our site increase over 200% versus [the] prior year [last 6 months Dec-May].”

“[Martha Stewart] stands for the creative approach to living—and living thoughtfully and in a very curated way—that speaks volumes to [Millennial women] and their values,” Mazzucca continues. “It’s an exciting time for the brand because newer audiences are discovering her, yet they inherently trust her authority in all things food, home and lifestyle already. Martha, at heart, is a Millennial; she really shares the same zeal for living fully and experiencing every ounce of life.”

All of this translates to digital engagement, of course, but Mazzucca knows that it all funnels down to their core product, the magazine.

“Print is the front door to the brand,” he states, noting that the channel continues to be the bedrock of Martha Stewart Living.

“The quest for creativity and self-fulfillment are stronger than ever and that’s where a magazine like Martha Stewart Living continues to thrive,” he continues. “Over 25 years we have seen remarkable growth in our readers who participate in this brand and the content continues to drive ideas across the new social channels.”

Martha, you just keep on doing what you do.