Print Remains Dominant Medium for Magazines

[responsive]Digital-vs-print-magazines[/responsive]Based on the figures in the latest NRS PADD report, print continues to remain the dominant medium for magazines, especially non-news brands.

“Mobiles and tablets continue to play an increasingly important part in the readership of magazines,” writes Ellen Hammett in Mediatel. She continues, “…however, while newsbrands see a significant shift towards hand-held devices, print remains the dominant medium for many magazine brands.”

Many titles did see solid growth in digital readership. “BBC Good Food leads the way with a combined audience of almost 8.3 million, with mobile accounting for 5.6 million – adding a huge 142.3% to its print and PC audience,” Hammett notes.

“In contrast,” she continues, “and demonstrating the longevity of print in an increasingly connected world, Hello!, Heat, National Geographic, Men’s Health and Empire all have a strong print following, with mobile and tablet readership adding less than 30% to each of their audiences.”

“While The Radio Times is also dominated by print, accounting for 2.6 million of its total audience of 4.8 million, mobile still makes up a decent amount of its readership, adding 47%,” Hammett continues.

This seems like more evidence that publishers are truly beginning to understand how to use channels to their best advantage. Smart publishers are leveraging their digital readership into print sales, and engaging new readers on mobile platforms. Meanwhile for the long read, print can’t be beat.