Print Adverts Rock in the European Union

powerprintTop advertisers in the major EU markets spend up to one-third of their budget on print. Brilliant!

The Europeans seem to have a high affinity for print, and that preference plays out in the ad market: Recent data analysis shows that the top 1,000 EU advertisers spend close to a third of their total budget on print, much less than on digital, according to Ulbe Jelluma in Print Power.

Print is particularly popular in Italy, Belgium and Germany, Jelluma notes.

“In Italy, Germany and Spain, with a strong concentration of budget on TV, only two other media can take a share of the media market: Print and Internet. The three media together represent easily 85-92% of all expenditures in these countries,” Jelluma explains. “In France and Belgium the expenditures are split among four channels, TV, Print, Internet and Radio.”

It makes sense. We know there are rock solid reasons to advertise in print. In Germany, for example, magazines have tremendous coverage, with a 2014 estimated audience reach of more than 90%. And given the dysfunctional state of digital advertising, it’s not surprising that The Internet spend lags behind print and TV.

Jelluma’s article breaks out some interesting stats on ad breakdowns by category and is worth a look if you advertise in the European markets. What it tells us overall is that print remains a vital strategic channel for consumers in Europe and those businesses that want to engage them.