Prices, Pages Both Higher for New August Magazine Launches

button-launchAs the magazine industry transitions away from mass market toward specialty niches, Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni comments that “August was filled with titles that continue to reflect the face of our society more than any other medium in the industry.”

In his August Launch Monitor Report, Husni notes 59 new titles, from on-trend grownup coloring books to a title on commercial marijuana, and everything in between.

“Arts & Crafts were big this time around and eating well remained important as the kaleidoscope of covers below will show as you give them a look – 59 new titles in all – 20 with promised frequency…it was truly another healthy month for magazines,” Husni notes.

One thing that’s interesting is that both cover price and average number of pages continue to come in higher than they were a year ago, even while the average number of ad pages has dropped somewhat. Readers are paying more, and getting more content in the bargain.

Seems like the August Launch Monitor verifies what we’ve been seeing in the industry, as magazines continue to define themselves more tightly and rock their niches, while their fan base doesn’t seem to mind paying for the high quality content that feeds their specific interests.

As Husni told us back on June, it’s more evidence of what he’s coined the transcended infinite media age.

“Amid all of this change, the one constant is the primary importance of magazines knowing their audiences and serving them with relevant, useful, compelling content.”